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 Zeeko Kites 2010

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PostSubject: Zeeko Kites 2010   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:00 pm

We have managed to do a deal with prices to try to encourage some of you tight fisted wads out there (and also those with money who choose to plain just buy elsewhere without even trying them Wink )

So below are our new prices for a ltd period untill we can sort permanent prices with France. We will be going to visit ZEEKO at the Mondial du Vent next month from the 9th -15th April so if your thinking of a bnew kite let us know now cos we dont know how long we can hold these prices for!

All kites complete with BAR/LINES/BAG
5.5m Was £758 now £649
7m Was £940 now £725
9m Was £960 now £799
10m Was £1040 now £849
12m Was £1124 now £899

Please note we are just about breaking even with these prices so if you can just check them out next time you see us on the beach and you will see the quality etc. There are a lot of very specail features on them including the pretty impressive Easy Relaunch System which is just so "easy" to use!
They also come with line extentions so 20m or 24m lines so making them amazing for wave riding etc It also means an even bigger wind range as you can quickly shorten the lines if the wind picks up.


- Reinforced and Simplified Bridling system (only 3 attachment points/side instead of 5 or more for most of the kites in the market): Simple and easy to use
- Unbeatable balance between reactivity and rigidity: Comfortable to ride
- Exclusive profile getting one of the most powerful kites in low end and keeping easiness of control in high end: Save money buying less number of kites
- Ultra Stable kite: Be confident with your kite
- Work done on the leading edge diameters giving a fast turning kite even the big sizes and providing unrivalled reactivity

- No scale design: All sizes are optimized
- Firm bar feeling and progressive bar pressure to always know where is the kite without need to look at it
- Trimmable kite handling: C-shape Behavior/Hybrid Behavior by just mooving the back bridle
- Optimized kite for Freestyle and Unhooked tricks: Improve your level safely
- Impressive upwind ability and Gliding in jumps
- Trimmable using 20m (waveriding) or 24m (jumps and freestyle) lines length
- Easy relaunching under any circunstances. ERA (easy relaunching assistant) on every sizes

- One pump device
- Notus kite delivered with kitebag and repair kit (pump and bar are optional)

- 12m and 10m powerfull kites, 7m and 9m dedicated for stong and gusty winds!

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Zeeko Kites 2010
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