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 Brazil Nov 13 - The Rough Plan!

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PostSubject: Brazil Nov 13 - The Rough Plan!   Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:08 am

Brazil 2013

The Rough Plan

Last years trip, mostly kiting in the same spots we will visit this year!

Please note while we have this plan and the Pousada's are booked but obviously you are free to kite where/when you want. We will be ready to offer all the help we can especially the first few days while you find your feet.
We have friends over in Brazil who we will most likely kite with and hopefully do a few Downwinders with also, so don't be surprised if we do take off on the odd day

Saturday 16th

We arrive in Fortaleza and will be transferred to Cumbucu...the kiting capital of Brazil.
It's a very small village but has a proper kitesurf vibe to it. We hope to kite this pm probably straight out in front of the Cumbucu Guest House and get used to the conditions a bit.  The next day we'd like to catch the bus early am to Tabooba Lagoon downwind approx 15mins, wind permitting. Once this begins to get busy around 11-12pm we can kite back down wind to Cumbucu which is around 8 km, from Cumbucu you can carry on to the famous Cauipi Lagoon...home to many local and visiting pro's. It's a great spot to sit back and have a drink at the baracka and chill for a while.
The winds in Cumbucu are genearlly lighter than further up the coast so for most this will mean around 12m or so maybe smaller for the lighter guys (or on surfboards)
Cumbucu Guest House

Tabooba Lagoon

One of the many down winders..

Monday 18th

The hire cars will be delivered to Cumbucu Guest House and we hope to leave as early as poss for the 50min drive up to Paracaru, one of my favourite spots. This spot offers flat water lagoon when the tide is out and waves 150m out on the reef...the best of both worlds. Loads of turtles here also.
A great restaurant right on the beach but nothing else.

Tuesday 19th

We head way up the coast to Jericocoara..the back packers,hippy village...no cars just soft sand for roads.
Here we will hire drivers to take us downwind to Prea where we can kite in small side shore surf...it gets VERY windy here...5-7m for most. There is a great (quite big) downwinder back to Jeri from Prea which goes right out beyond a headland so you need to be reasonable confident downwinder by this time.
We have 4 days here...plenty of spots to kite further up the coast also, with an amazing lagoon at Tatajuba..which you can downwind all the way too if your feeling fit enough.
Or get the driver to take us along the beaches and over the lagoons..

Jeri is an awesome small town, so many nice restaurants and shops.We will need to hire drivers to drive the cars anywhere here as it is all sand and zero roads.
We will be staying the Pousada Araxa

It got crazy busy on this lagoon!!
Sarah and I, lit on the 7m Screamer

Saturday 23rd

We will head back to Paracaru staying in the Paracaru Kite Village again..

We will have four days here and the tides should be ideal with the tide out most of the day.

Tuesday 26th

Head back to Cumbucu Guest House for the four remaining days.

Saturday 30th

Leave for Fortaleza for our flight home and back to reality!
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PostSubject: Re: Brazil Nov 13 - The Rough Plan!   Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:09 pm

This looks amazing! Can't wait Smile
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Brazil Nov 13 - The Rough Plan!
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