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PostSubject: Fuerteventura...   Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:11 am

Although I went with my wife and 4yr old this from the outset was a kiting holiday. We booked self catering so we had facilities to cook and prepare food to take out for the day as we knew there were little or no places at some of the spots. This meant we weren't feeling obliged to come back at a specified time for an evening meal or to "make the most" of an all inclusive hotel, it was a spot on decision, we weren't tied in and travelled all over. We spent 7 nights in Corralejo in mid August and kited 3 spots. I took a TT 7,9 and 13m kite, I used all but would consider not taking the 13 as I only used it on Flag before I realised how windy the west was. I kited in boardies and rash vest and didn't get cold but some may want a shorty. Flag beach is in the east and El Cotillo and the lighthouse lagoons in the west. We hired a car for the duration and I wouldn't be without one, expect to pay about £110 for 7 days. At the 3 spots there was always someone willing to assist with launch and landing.
Flag is about a 5 minute drive from Corralejo, the winds are usually NE making it cross on. There are rocks upwind and down wind of the launch area, at high tide most are hidden but at low tide they reduce the launch area hell of a lot. There is a safety boat offered from the beach but I didn't pay for it. Most were on 9's but I had a few 13m sessions here early in the day. Flag is a great location with some flattish spots near the beach and a good swell running further out. Busiest day I counted more than 60 kites out which isn't a problem when the tide is up. Weekends are much busier than the week days. There wasn't much wind in the mornings and it didn't kick in until late afternoon on a few days.
El Cotillo is about 20 minutes drive to the west. You pass through a small town called Lajares and here is where you will notice the flags blowing. Cotillo is cross on and at high tide and all but a few rocks had disappeared. At low tide there is plenty of beach but more rocks. I found it gusty near the beach probably due to the headland up wind, as you venture further out its more consistent. At high tide it can really dump onto the beach making entry to the water an experience. There are some good waves to be had here and a directional board really makes the most of the conditions. Most were on 7's and 9's. During our stay even when Flag had nothing Cotillo was windy, really windy.
The lagoons at the lighthouse are 10 minutes drive north from Cotillo on a beach called Caleta del Marrajo. There are 2 lagoons of about 100-150mtrs in length. Further out is pure atlantic swell! The lagoons can get rammed, I counted over 30 kites at is busiest which creates chaos at times. The spot is surrounded by rocks at high and low tide. I avoided it around the low tide as it was too busy and not enough water. There is a natural entry to the lagoons staying upwind and hugging the rocks as you ride in. Generally most stick to this riding up to the beach, do their thing then out down wind. I loved this spot. 2 years ago I would not have kited here as I lacked the ability and confidence to do so. There were one or to learners here but I wouldn't recommend it. Saw a few kites on the rocks and kiters scampering across them but I also noticed that those on the beach would always run or even drive to help out. There was a good vibe here and even if you didn't kite its a really good place to spend the day. There are no shops or similar so you need to take everything.
This had to be one of the best holidays not just for me but also for the family. It helps that my wife and son love the beach but it helps even more that every morning she would ask "where are we going today, where is it windy?" BOOOM...We will without doubt be returning to Fuerta soon, having the choice of beaches really mixes it up and I'm sure there are plenty of other spots for those wishing to trash the hire car by exploring the coastal roads.
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